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Global Citizenship Services Ltd. (GCSL) is a boutique firm offering an individualized service to those seeking Saint Lucian citizenship through investment.

Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP)

The Programme offers you an opportunity to obtain a passport which gives you access to over 100 countries and which places no restrictions on the holding of dual citizenship. Further, there are no residence or visitation requirements.

citizenship by investment 2nd passport

Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP)

Investing in Saint Lucia means investing in your future. Our island is one of the world’s most enticing destinations where luxury awaits and business opportunities abound.

invest in your future - St Lucia

Citizenship of Saint Lucia means more than owning exclusive property overlooking the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. Ours is an island poised for take-off with substantial recent economic growth, a significant increase in visitor arrivals and an unprecedented boom in foreign direct investment. To support these developments, the Government has embarked upon an extensive infrastructural expansion programme which includes roads and highways plus upgrading of utilities. Construction of two new cruise ship terminals is soon to commence, while works are already underway to renovate our international airport which will include a dedicated private jet facility.

A new, modern hospital building is complete and another state-of-the-art medical facility is in the pipeline. Saint Lucia is now one of the fastest growing economies in the Caribbean and one of the most coveted second-home markets in the Western hemisphere. If there was ever a time to become Saint Lucian, it is now.

Your Saint Lucian passport offers you unrestricted access to the EU Schengen Area, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and over 100 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Your passport gives you global access and an opportunity to be one of the privileged few to enjoy citizenship of one of the most desirable islands in the world.